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Here are a few trusted reviews from satisfied clients.

Daniela K.png

Daniela K
Founder/CEO, Hint
2 Months ago

Since I started training with Frankee I’ve gained quite a bit of muscle mass. With her help, knowledge, and confidence in me, I was able to do exercises I never thought possible for me. Her training and training plans keep me injury free, strengthen the right muscle groups for a pain-free life, and help me reach my fitness goals. I can run again and soon will be able to do an unassisted pull-up.

Happy Man

Christian P
2 Months ago

I’ve been working with Frankee for 6 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Frankee has helped me reach my goals and helped me set the next one. She is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She makes each workout challenging and pushes me to my limits while providing a fun environment. She places high value on proper technique and forms with each exercise. Frankee helped me gain confidence and helped me discover a new side of myself.

Smiling Woman

Demi L 
2 Months ago

When I first came to frankee my goals were to lose weight and get toned. I can say now that those goals are quite the opposite now. I knew the basic tools for working out and I believe that if my weight lifted that I would become a bodybuilder, which was not my goal. I had little confidence in myself and my knowledge at the gym. The work that I have done with frankee has changed my life. I have more confidence in myself, learned to love the body I have and that being a strong woman is empowering and sexy. Seeing how strong Frankee is pushed me to continue my journey not just to keep up with the progress but for myself. I’ve learned that my body is amazingly strong. And that weightlifting is more than just building muscle. I can say confidently that the skills that frankee has taught me have set me up to be successful in living a healthy life.

Larryssa Y.png

Larryssa Y
2 Months ago

I have been training with Frankee for almost a year now and absolutely LOVE working with her! I feel the strongest I have ever been and the most pain-free! When I started with Frankee I had never trained on my own in the gym before and was very nervous/ unsure about what to do for effective workouts and how to use the equipment. I also had injuries/ aches and pains that had accumulated over the years which I did not want to aggravate in any way. All this considered I decided I wanted to try working with a personal trainer so I could learn how to work out in a safe and effective way. Working with Frankee I learned all that and so much more! She taught me how to use the equipment, proper form, and technique for any exercise one could dream of, how to properly warm up my body and activate my muscles, the importance of food and protein to nourish my body, and many other tools I will carry with me for the rest of my fitness journey! Frankee really taught me how to work out in a way that keeps my body healthy, safe and balanced which minimized so many aches and pains I thought would never go away! I also thoroughly enjoyed the killer workouts she gave me and loved all the varied styles of training she introduced me to. We did Bodybuilding, Athletic training, Performance, Strong man, mobility work, Speed/ Agility and so much more! I really love the variety of training styles Frankee brings to the table because it allowed me to find the training that leaves me feeling my best. I can’t get over how strong I have become working with Frankee and how confident I feel in the gym now! I always look forward to our sessions because they leave me feeling happy, motivated, and excited for my next training session! I love working with her and look forward to continuing!

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